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are traffic barriers the easiest way for people to cross a railway crossing

01 Nov 2012

Arguments over whether a traffic barrier should be replaced with a pedestrian footbridge in Sleaford have continued this week. A resident in Sleaford sent a letter into a local paper suggesting that a footbridge should be built over the Southgate East Railway Crossing. They argue that it would stop pedestrians having to wait for the barriers to go back up while a train is crossing. The resident felt the footbridge may a good solution due to the fact that the barriers go up and down 30 – 40 times a day. Arguments going against the idea of the footbridge have come to light, with one columnist for ‘This is Lincolnshire’ suggesting that the footbridge is not a good idea because it would cause the surface railway crossing to be removed altogether. Therefore pedestrians would have to use the footbridge every time. The columnist suggested that if the footbridge was the only way for people to cross the railway it would cause inconvenience for everyone, whereas the barriers do not because they are on the surface and are up rather than down for the majority of the day. No plans to build the footbridge have yet been confirmed.

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