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concrete barrier hire needed

23 Apr 2013

There was a serious incident in Coquitlam, a city in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada last week, where a Dodge Caravan heading west on Lougheed near Pitt River Road crossed the centre line. It clipped two other cars before crashing into a third; the driver of the third vehicle that was hit died at the scene. Mayor Richard Stewart has called for urgent safety barriers to be added to the road. He wants concrete barriers to be placed along a four-lane section of the roadway to help prevent head-on crashes. At that highway speed, its a very unforgiving situation to have a person travelling 80 km/h just inches apart, he explains. The time has come to finally, once and for all, widen that section and so we’ll be able to put in a barrier to protect motorists from the potential of a head-on crash.


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