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concrete barrier is used to keep prams away

04 Oct 2012

Concrete barriers don’t have to just be used on construction sites. It also appears that they are perfect for keeping unwanted visitors at bay! A coffee shop in Berlin is getting good use out of pin-shaped concrete barrier to keep parents with prams and trolleys off the premises. They coffee shop named The Barn Roastery decided to ban prams as they are seen as a fire hazard. The concrete barrier is located in front of the cafe door so that prams cannot come through the doorway. With the cafe being located in what is described as a ‘mummy neighbourhood,’ the placement of the barrier has ruffled the feathers of some parents. Luckily however the barrier can be moved for wheelchair users. The cafe does not want to be seen as discriminating against parents or using it as a kid barrier, but is just concerned that multiple prams would cause problems if a fire should ever occur.

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