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moviegoers push over metal barrriers

21 Jan 2013

The Sundance film festival, that is going on this week, literally went off with a bang when a fire extinguisher exploded in a tent, when visitors to the festival were watching a newly released film. The fire extinguisher was knocked off the wall, exploded on impact, and then filled the tent with a smoky, cloudy fog. The moviegoers actually thought it was a gun shot or a bomb exploding, so everyone screamed and ran to the exit, trying to make their escape. To make sure that they got out, the crowd pushed over the metal crowd barriers. Everyone was so concerned on not getting crushed against the crowd control barriers, people were kicking them over for people to get through. Luckily the crowd barriers weren’t locked together so they were able to get through them all. Luckily no one was hurt in the commotion, that saw them all rush out of the tent as quickly as possible. The event organisers then had to explain to the panicked crowd that it was just a fire extinguisher, and not an explosive, and to assure them all that there was no danger inside.  

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