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new barrier is set to improve bus station system in leicester

24 Oct 2012

A large barrier is set to be installed in Leicester city centre as part of a bus station redesign. The council has confirmed plans to install the barrier on a main street so that pedestrians are prevented from wandering into the area that is meant to be used by buses. The barrier is expected to improve congestion and reduce bus queues when vehicles attempt to pick up and drop off passengers. The redesign of the station is expected to cost £300,000. Former bus driver and city councillor Paul Newcombe is bound to be all for the new traffic plans, as he feels that the current system is poor for safety, saying: “There are safety issues for pedestrians and it’s an absolute nightmare for drivers.” Deputy Mayor of Leicester Rory Palmer said of the new developments: ‘It will definitely improve safety. At the moment, people can wander into areas where buses are moving and the screen will prevent them from going into dangerous areas.’

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