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relief as concrete barriers are finally removed

08 Apr 2013

Shalimar, a town in Okaloosa County, Florida has been home to a load of concrete barriers that have been causing residents annoyance. They have been more than a headache to everyone, since they have slowed down traffic on one of the main roads in the town. The concrete barrier blocks have been separating one side of the road to the other, and closed some of the lanes, for nearly a year. Residents have said that the improvement in the traffic has improved 100% since the concrete barriers have been removed, and that driving down the parkway is no longer the headache that it once was.

Concrete barriers in Florida from

The concrete barricades were set up April 9, 2012, to protect construction crews while they replaced drainage pipes 8 feet below the pavement.� All of them were removed by Saturday morning and regular traffic patterns had resumed by 10 a.m.


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